“We milked cows while, of all things, diversifying into horticulture: growing passionfruit, tamarillos, and ultimately, kiwifruit, while raising our four sons.
Swapping procreation for pro-creativity, I developed an extensive garden. And I started to write…
As the boys grew older, my surprisingly green thumbs twiddled their way ever deeper into kiwifruit canopies and 30-odd years later, the initial six hectares had increased fivefold. Our employment of local people had also increased fivefold, and their assistance over the years is greatly appreciated. This book is really for them.”

Marnie and Peter still live near the Hukutaia Domain – a place where Peter used to play as a boy, as did his father before him, and where Marnie used to take their youngsters to see the 2000 year-old burial tree.

“It always fascinated me that this tree was a seedling when Christ was born.”