The idea for writing this story came in a sleepless night in August 1998 while Marnie pondered how Opotiki could celebrate Year 2000. That was when she realised her community had its very own millennium icon!
“Ironically, in spite of my intense dislike of history at school, researching, and then writing the historical aspects of this book was a task I thoroughly enjoyed, and in doing so, it brought to mind some clichés and quotes –

  • We don’t know who we are or where we’re going, until we know where we have come from.
  • No man is an island. Whether we acknowledge it or not, all of us have been affected by many events that have happened on the far side of the world.
  • A strong trunk to support many leaves. A strong society supports all people.

History books of closely-typed text are not necessarily read by everyone, and I hope this interactive book – with subtleties to be found within the language and layout – will be enjoyable and thought-provoking for many adults as well as children.
And as I look back on my own history, it just goes to show – we can adapt, we can change.”

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