KORO tells the story of a stately tree in an uninhabited paradise in the
South Pacific Ocean: an isolated land of wild grandeur, pristine forests, sparkling streams – and birdlife. Polynesians arrive in this lonely place.
The magnificent tree is discovered, bestowed with reverence (tapu), and
used as a Burial Tree. People from the far side of the world also land on
these shores. The rise in humanity brings inevitable consequences as
all strive for their place in the future of New Zealand.

The tree named Taketakerau grows older. In spite of volcanoes, storms,
and changes to the natural environment, Taketakerau survives while other trees succumb. The gnarled appearance of this ancient tree belies its aura, strength and fortitude. Now in the 21st century, Taketakerau still lives…

GRANDMA reads about historical empires and eras, icons, catastrophes, inventions and developments from all around the world.

A CHILD listens to the two narrations as they weave an interactive tale set along a 2000-year timeline.